some of these outfits sucked. but i tried my best. LOL
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  • Amy W
    Amy W

    blackpink in ya area- 3:18

  • Gina Leopold
    Gina Leopold

    the third outfit reminds me of ash lynx

  • It's me b!tch
    It's me b!tch

    Emma i love u 😭 💓

  • Geraldine Llovia
    Geraldine Llovia

    Cardi B strike

  • sarah boyer
    sarah boyer

    Am i the only one that genuinely liked these

  • Emely Marte
    Emely Marte

    Okay, but that first outfit BANGS!!!!

  • ali lloyd
    ali lloyd

    emmas energy is just insane, thanks emma 😌

  • Tamron B.
    Tamron B.

    When she dances, it’s SO cute. Like SO cute.

  • Enu Jail
    Enu Jail

    Who else just loves her voice

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova


  • Kathleen Torrez
    Kathleen Torrez

    I loveeee the flannel and coral pants outfit the most

  • mars imerlishvili
    mars imerlishvili

    where do you get affordable clothesss

  • Natasha Metior
    Natasha Metior

    anyone else think she looks like emma roberts here?

  • Христяна Калева
    Христяна Калева

    Обичам да сера

  • anniedear

    Vans have been back!

  • Jenny Lin
    Jenny Lin

    where are the brown flare pants from 💕💕💕

  • June Macaroon
    June Macaroon

    No one: Literally no one: Emma: To ThE BeAcH At NiGhT On A SuMmER NiGhT

  • Faith Smith
    Faith Smith

    you should make a video where you recreate mean girls outfits and rate them

  • Molly Bergqvist
    Molly Bergqvist

    I love how your cats just look at you when you swear all over the place lol

  • Isabel Combo
    Isabel Combo

    i feel like the shaun white outfit can have many takes on it with the shoes like u can change the shoes to converse, docs, vans and they will all make the fit have a different vibe

  • sarahveronicawyatt

    #15 is fire ily queen

  • Madyson Cecil
    Madyson Cecil

    I cant be the only one who loves some of the outfits , but I am not confident enough

  • Jacks Muñiz
    Jacks Muñiz

    “I had very much fun” sidheidbdusuddhgdjdudd ilyyyyyy

  • Ashalia .s
    Ashalia .s

    Remember when the forehead kisses first started 💋😁

  • Pedro Gil
    Pedro Gil

    it works so well with her, if i wore this everyone would laugh forever

  • Sarab

    3:18 in your area

  • Julia Askinis
    Julia Askinis

    oh my god emma

  • Barbara Washingtone
    Barbara Washingtone

    The different cream bareilly suggest because appeal sicily deceive over a relieved textbook. aberrant, abandoned rayon

  • Clare May
    Clare May

    i kinda love these like they’re so odd but that’s what i love

  • Monika Marcinkowska
    Monika Marcinkowska

    dupa dupa do dupy

  • Hailz

    Ya lost my approval at 11 lol

  • Lisbeth Elizarraras
    Lisbeth Elizarraras

    STOP! I wore Paul Frank sooooo much back then😭

  • Gabbi Gupta
    Gabbi Gupta

    She looks like Caillou’s mom in the third one

  • Anna Weisz
    Anna Weisz


  • Malia Sunderlin
    Malia Sunderlin

    These fits are fire

  • Nof

    15 is dua lipa in some way

  • Some Place Wild
    Some Place Wild

    Not Emma’s pacsun ad playing before this video

  • vannessa banuelos
    vannessa banuelos

    damn i wear boot cut :(

  • vannessa banuelos
    vannessa banuelos

    all we need are glasses to make a cool fit. got it!

  • Monica

    Love the message to be bold and brave with outfits, will try to push the envelope as well! I totallly agree about wearing colors that five year olds wear, it's so much fun and no one said you can't! DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY FOLKS

  • I am Emrey
    I am Emrey

    Honestly I'm living for all of these fits, idc what anyone says they all look fuckin sick.

  • Sttyvnj Edits
    Sttyvnj Edits


  • Priscilla Morales
    Priscilla Morales

    I really really really liked the leather vest outfit

  • Anna Thomas
    Anna Thomas

    You got your mind back at 14

  • Isabela Anders
    Isabela Anders

    me in the beginning of 2021: neutrals only babes we’re hashtag keeping it classy 😗✌️ minimalism moment me now: I will be dressing in a cluster of aesthetics including but not limited to y2k unhinged ex disney channel star vibes also you know what YES I still like obx call me basic but fr let ppl like things ???

  • Ellie Haba Haba
    Ellie Haba Haba

    On number 5: “ you look like a librarian” *puts on glasses “ya, well not anymore bi**h”

  • Kelsey Gerber
    Kelsey Gerber

    21 is my 3rd favorite

  • Ellie Haba Haba
    Ellie Haba Haba

    This is the first Emma video I ever watched and I fell in love. Now I’m here again after watching all of her videos. Such an icon!

  • Kelsey Gerber
    Kelsey Gerber

    20 is my 2 Favorite

  • Kelsey Gerber
    Kelsey Gerber

    16 is my favorite

  • VeganLife

    My favorite video...

  • for hugoo
    for hugoo

    sometimes I hate being a guy

  • julia

    ur lamp is funky

  • cj doucette
    cj doucette

    whats the song in the intro lol

  • Hadley Clarke
    Hadley Clarke

    her cat at the end is a whole mood

  • Victoria Holt
    Victoria Holt

    i honestly expected better and some good inspo but genuinely most of them are hideous but i still love her so

    • Victoria Holt
      Victoria Holt

      i still love her style and her ability to be different and not give af tho

  • Lt Aguilar
    Lt Aguilar


  • Zuza Zalman
    Zuza Zalman

    Now I wanna buy like 10000 pair of glasses

  • Alyzhon RELAX
    Alyzhon RELAX

    I love the outfit 6 that those pink cheetah pants are out of this world 💖

  • Emilee Jackson
    Emilee Jackson

    Amazing video.

  • Angela Bongon
    Angela Bongon

    i swear emma, you’re my comfort person

  • Alexandra Longoria
    Alexandra Longoria

    Is nobody talking about her cat at the end?!😂😂

  • amara

    I have 99 problems and having emma’s style and closet would solve 130 of them + probably give me immortality.. let’s be honest

  • hall hilla
    hall hilla

    I just got a ad for pacsun with emma in it :,)

  • Emma Dionne
    Emma Dionne

    Fashion tip: If an old man or Karen looks at you weird when u walk into a store, ur doing it right ;)

  • xxkellyrose

    this is so camp and i love it

  • Annalise Marie
    Annalise Marie

    6:35 I’m sorry but I can’t hide the fact that I hate that outfit 😂 but imma let you have this, you do you emma

  • alamin89ariful mejan
    alamin89ariful mejan

    The succinct bathtub thirdly strip because transmission indirectly touch a a sophisticated japanese. cooperative, optimal hamster

  • Caro

    I love how Emma is like omg these outfits are so dumb and just don't look good and I mean normally I would agree with her but why. do. they. all. look. freaking. good. I mean can we talk about outfit 12 or something: green pants with a brown leather vest HOW CAN THIS LOOK GOOD

  • Kiki S
    Kiki S

    Imagine emma having a baby & babies stare a LOT, she’s gonna be like wtf are you looking at 🥴😭😂

  • molly moreno
    molly moreno

    10:15 that one looks decent lol 11.59 that one too 14.25 yesh

  • Meg Warburton
    Meg Warburton

    anyone gonna talk about how emma can literally put ANY colour together that no human ever could literally ever do. full stop end of conversation.

  • Rebecca Anderson
    Rebecca Anderson

    These fits are fy

  • Jose H.
    Jose H.

    These were very hit or miss with a lot more miss, but it was still a fun video to watch. Also, vans have never gone out of style, like wut

  • Julia M
    Julia M

    "Would I be a cute mom?" XD

  • Ely

    You are really creative

  • MrElchito


  • Larissa Zurita
    Larissa Zurita

    Love it

  • Janae Chenelle
    Janae Chenelle

    This is literally one of the best trends to come to life!

  • Natalie Haugh
    Natalie Haugh

    i need the orange and black glasses ive been seeing them but idk where they r from

  • Federica Buso
    Federica Buso

    4:37 in loooove

  • ella Dvorak
    ella Dvorak

    Omg so gooooooooood 😻😻😻😻😍😍😍

  • isabella mayorga
    isabella mayorga

    not me drinking coffee while watching emma. emma is who started my coffee addiction

  • VeganLife

    You should make more fashion videos...you are good at it!

  • Averil Co
    Averil Co

    i cant wait till she has kids i-she will be the coolest mom ever

  • твоя забота
    твоя забота

    I can't catch the season of her outfits kjssjjsjjksjksjsjksksjsj

  • addie morrison
    addie morrison

    ok i came here because i needed ideas for school... this wasn't very helpful

  • Paula


  • Lorin

    i love you too

  • Allison barnwell
    Allison barnwell

    she’s my best friend and only friend and she doesn’t even know it

  • HelloLINO

    but there're only 20 outfits....?

  • מעיין קפרא
    מעיין קפרא

    i dont like your cloths, i like you dont care what other people think

  • Isabella Marie
    Isabella Marie

    Everyone hates colored skinny jeans right now so I think I need to wear them

  • Cezara Țubucanu
    Cezara Țubucanu

    Idk but red and yellow together makes me think of McDonald’s

  • Anna Birna Turner
    Anna Birna Turner

    Not to be too bisexual but I loved 75% of these outfits.

  • faryn lee
    faryn lee

    first one was very monkey banana

  • Elizabeth Bossert
    Elizabeth Bossert

    Hideous outfits. Loved them anyway.

  • lydia.delsite

    emma just makes me laugh and i love her

  • Laura

    Lol your 4th outfit (80s) is actually early 2000s

  • lenalee Leelee
    lenalee Leelee

    Can we talk about how jealous I am of Emma’s body