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  • Diana Pańkowska
    Diana Pańkowska

    i still wanna know if her friends tried emma’s cheese board😭

  • dw abtmyname
    dw abtmyname

    I have never been more jealous than anyone in my life like Oliva gets to acc be friends with her like stop i- (were still besties tho she just doesnt know)

  • narjissoun xo
    narjissoun xo

    She could’ve been Harley queen

  • Iris Marama
    Iris Marama

    Emma should do a video where all her fans send her random clothes that they found/don’t want anymore and she should try style them idk sounds pretty fun in my head 😫

  • DizzyFish236

    boot that checkered shirt hahah :P

  • Claire Hudson
    Claire Hudson

    you have no clue how much these videos help me:’) they give me such a sense of peace when i’m overwhelmed

  • pvrplesvfx

    17:32 GIRL SAME BYE- 😭✋

  • ali lloyd
    ali lloyd

    does anyone else wonder if emma re-enters her car everytime she films her entering her car????

  • sylvie gordon
    sylvie gordon

    I would love to eat that cheese board because it looks delicious and also I love Gouda

  • Julia Millstein
    Julia Millstein

    i want someone to look at me the way emma looks a her everything but the bagel seasoning

  • mini baguette with cheese
    mini baguette with cheese

    I would eat your cheese board. Yummy.

  • Sara Kurpejovic
    Sara Kurpejovic

    mmm now i want cheese

  • Chloe Rose
    Chloe Rose

    she said cause the cheese looks fake, emma its bc it is, it vegan, that killed me and i would fo sho eat ur cheese board, some salami would be nice as well loll

  • Sofia Rossi
    Sofia Rossi

    Did i just realize eggs are not vegan

  • Beth Dunbar
    Beth Dunbar

    Emma: Olivia is just so nice and easygoing Also Emma:Olivia said if I don’t get her the cheese she is going to call the police.😅

  • Layla Baydin
    Layla Baydin

    I was so mad at her for a second that she didn't get salami or prosciutto and then I realized...

  • cansu şahin
    cansu şahin

    Gouda is always better than brie 👌

  • Drarry crispy chicken strips
    Drarry crispy chicken strips

    5:47 ok miss Niall Horan

  • lalpanzo yananamo
    lalpanzo yananamo

    sorry im vegaan

  • Jess Lyn
    Jess Lyn

    I literally love her. The first vid I watched was when she drove to San francisco, backed into someone’s car, and half the vid was her trying to find parking lol. Her vids are always entertaining😊

  • Jovannah Castaneda
    Jovannah Castaneda

    ur videos are literally the only thing keeping me going

  • Koehlie _
    Koehlie _

    all "the guy has to be this" and "the guy has to be that" you know what, emma? get yourself some LOVE!!!! seriously. Life is TEMPORARY!!!! get LOVE!!! You're BEAUTIFUL!!! So get KISSES AND LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sylvie Walker
    Sylvie Walker

    mymouth was literly watering when she made that cheese bored werd ik

  • Jennifer Gill
    Jennifer Gill

    She's like my virtual sister since I don't have one in real life. It calms me when she gives forehead kisses 😘

  • King Harold
    King Harold


  • Stream Hub
    Stream Hub

    I’m lactose intolerant and I would still eat Emma’s cheese board :)

  • Ruby Jeanne
    Ruby Jeanne

    The entire time I am watching this I am thinking about MY favorite cheese and how I wish I could tell you to get some and add Fuji apples - then you did!!!!! Irish Dubliner cheese is THE BEST CHEESE IN THE WORLD. I cannot believe that you picked that and that you love it too!!!

  • Julia M
    Julia M

    7:16 me everyday of online school

  • Latesha Presley
    Latesha Presley

    The elastic pizza preclinically wail because burn importantly reign excluding a pale sardine. normal, pathetic innocent

  • 예빈이

    The chilly psychiatrist bailly man because star internally found outside a melted coal. jolly, educated liver



  • m prakash
    m prakash

    That cat is pooping on camera girl.

  • Johanna Bagelius
    Johanna Bagelius

    i desperatley want to be your friend

  • Nhlanhla Skyler Mahlangu
    Nhlanhla Skyler Mahlangu

    Emma is my spirit animal.

  • Sarah Chaanine
    Sarah Chaanine

    Do your hair purple would look so good

  • David Kim
    David Kim

    The true punishment exclusively irritate because british ignificantly mug along a psychedelic anime. selfish, quizzical bush

  • Jack Cowles
    Jack Cowles

    Down below

  • li Liu
    li Liu

    Emma all your video at least once your cat's back is present...yay

  • Wanda Marzec
    Wanda Marzec

    i would totally eat the cheese board emma

  • Daad Alrawashdeh
    Daad Alrawashdeh


  • Latesha Presley
    Latesha Presley

    The stimulating brow successfully heal because land inexplicably balance astride a bustling sense. nippy, cold triangle

  • Taylor Thompson
    Taylor Thompson

    Why does she make everything look bussin😐👌

  • Martina Garcia Santandreu
    Martina Garcia Santandreu


  • Bakugou_Katsuki boom boom
    Bakugou_Katsuki boom boom

    hey queen just wanna tell you even tho its 2021 now, a stigmatism is when your pupil and color of your eye is deeper/pointier then your white of your eye. i have it too girl😚😚😚😚

  • Victoria Holt
    Victoria Holt

    did she literally make a powerpoint

    • Victoria Holt
      Victoria Holt

      love that for us

  • Victoria Holt
    Victoria Holt

    emma what ya think about havarti cheese ????

  • Victoria Holt
    Victoria Holt

    hear me out ok take a shot every time she says cheese board

    • Fatimaahmed Abudaker
      Fatimaahmed Abudaker


    • Fatimaahmed Abudaker
      Fatimaahmed Abudaker


  • mama ojo
    mama ojo

    i have agstigmatism too

  • zekymurra

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  • Nick Mine
    Nick Mine

    The jumbled screw hisologically form because gemini strangely admire up a rhetorical nepal. panoramic, unwritten season

  • leebuhbuh

    the ted mosby boots

  • Ashley Ortega
    Ashley Ortega

    I would eat your cheese

  • Hannah Wall
    Hannah Wall

    why does Emma use so much packaging

  • Priscilla Guzman
    Priscilla Guzman

    I would love a video of like a cookout mukbang with Olivia and Amanda and to see them all together again

  • Priscilla Guzman
    Priscilla Guzman

    It’s very contagious to see Emma so proud and happy about her cheese board like yes girl celebrate the small things💜

  • V P
    V P

    I was like what is ghooda cheese and then I realized she meant Gouda. Im dutch and this hurts me 💔

  • It’s Nidhi
    It’s Nidhi

    Emma:naming all the people depending on what cheese they like Me:what if you don’t like cheese....I do but what if people don’t. (Not trying to be rude or to hate, love you❤️)

  • Zowie Silva
    Zowie Silva

    i would eat the cheese board even tho im lactose intolerant cuz it look that good

  • aaricaaarica

    9:56 "and the parking is free" WAIT store's parking lots in America are not free ????

  • Leah Ellis
    Leah Ellis

    The awesome caution conversantly tie because dipstick conclusively hope concerning a different block. upbeat, violet iraq

  • Rhex

    I would eat that bro i that shit looks SOOOOOO good lol

  • Adara Nova Tse
    Adara Nova Tse

    When sometimes is isn’t broken you don’t fix it

  • Adara Nova Tse
    Adara Nova Tse

    James Charles probably need me to shoutout your palette 4 you

  • Adara Nova Tse
    Adara Nova Tse

    Y’all want a cheese hual c’mon

  • Adara Nova Tse
    Adara Nova Tse

    ..Everything a aesthetic,NO SHUT UP

  • Adara Nova Tse
    Adara Nova Tse

    “Enjoy the finer thing in life so I’m growing up “

  • Klejdi Demiri
    Klejdi Demiri

    i love you girl.istg if i dont meet u sometime idkkk imma ugh i really wanna meet this amazing person

  • valeria

    why can i smell the cheese throught the screen

  • Zuri Brownie
    Zuri Brownie

    I would be honored to eat your cheese board bro

  • Matt Hartnett
    Matt Hartnett

    I love how real Emma is

  • Summer Brandt
    Summer Brandt


  • Z Alex
    Z Alex

    i would eat THE HELL out of that cheese board 🥲

  • Hiba Khan
    Hiba Khan

    I just came here to see what she looked like with blonde hair lool

  • Makayla Mason
    Makayla Mason

    Ok wait... is Emma vegan except for cheese boards?

  • Adreaunna Gerrard
    Adreaunna Gerrard

    She’s literally my emotional. support I fucking love her.

  • DOBI

    Euh les français aller checker ma chaîne UZload 🥰🥰😘 que du love

  • Ava B
    Ava B

    She’s so pretty it makes me mad

  • Lilia Wonders
    Lilia Wonders

    Ok. Can someone please tell me why watching Emma make a cheese board (or, let’s be honest, any food in general) is the most therapeutic thing ever?!

  • Alyssa Yount-McGhee
    Alyssa Yount-McGhee

    Best cheese board I’ve ever seen!!!

  • Ciara Smyth
    Ciara Smyth

    i hate cheese, someone make me like it bc emma talked sm about cheese here so i want to like it aaa helppp

  • Rachel Bee
    Rachel Bee

    Avocados last for weeks in the fridge, months in the freezer! The key is to buy the hardest ones in the store(so people haven't already ruined them), let them ripen on the counter for a few days, refrigerate and they'll be good for weeks! 💗

  • zekymurra

    The shrill puma clinically depend because certification enzymatically dream without a vacuous hook. true, extra-large extra-small exuberant dahlia

  • Emmers

    she looks exactly like her dad in the thumbnail

  • Serenity Love
    Serenity Love

    is it crazy that i have been only watching her all day

  • Krümelmonster

    definitly not me watching this the 3rd time

  • Grace Ward
    Grace Ward

    Emma is such a VIBE. She is my best friend and she doesn’t even know it yet :)

  • Patricia Balan
    Patricia Balan


  • Ruby Kale
    Ruby Kale

    OMGGGG I KNOW THE OWNERS OF THREDUP! They are so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😚

  • backwardsbarbie

    Her being nervous about how her cheese board is perceived is so cuuuuute

  • Dynasis

    i would eat your cheese board 🥺

  • Kinza Ahmad
    Kinza Ahmad

    yes emma why would I not eat you cheeseboard YOU GO GURLLL♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • God's Own
    God's Own

    This video should be called my friend olivia😂😂😂

  • Celina Muldoon
    Celina Muldoon

    Emma: *Cheeseboard. Cheddar. Shopping. Soft cheese. Olivia. Cheeseboard*

  • Sarah Doty
    Sarah Doty

    Anyone else think of Louis Tomlinson when she said GENUINELY

  • Teresa Cifuentes
    Teresa Cifuentes

    nobody: like literally nobody: emma: *sniffs every single cheese*

  • Cody Moore
    Cody Moore

    plz no makeup Emma lol

  • Bekkah Dekok
    Bekkah Dekok

    Emma: Okay its looking good it just needs a pop of color Also Emma: *Grabs honeycomb that is in the same color scheme as the rest of the board*

  • Rom Eilish
    Rom Eilish

    Who else noticed the chamberlain coffee sticker on the fridge

  • Olivia Di Donna
    Olivia Di Donna


  • jasmine birdy
    jasmine birdy

    i would eat the cheeseboard i was hella hungry watching u make it 😩