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  • Nissi Vlogs
    Nissi Vlogs

    If you Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins then Resurrected three days and is our Lord and Savior you will be saved ! He who is sinless died on the cross for our sins just so we could be here. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords from generation to generation! Read your bible daily please and Repent!! God bless you and your family!💜 (Not trying to force upon anyone whatever you believe or not believe is whatever you want it to be)

  • Tomato is a fruit
    Tomato is a fruit

    I love her !

  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui


  • I

    I’ve missed her mom so much

  • jerry POTTH
    jerry POTTH

    Me: I want to change things. I do the same thing every day My friend:u want to do anything but sit in bed all day Also me: ✨no✨

  • sophia marcopulos
    sophia marcopulos

    you cure my mommy issues just letting you know

  • Liv Graham
    Liv Graham


  • Shirley Pineda
    Shirley Pineda

    Omg give us a Ralph’s haul if u do ever go

  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui


  • Rosemary M
    Rosemary M

    Not me falling asleep and then Emma just starts playing the drums😂

  • Hailey Richards
    Hailey Richards

    If you crack the egg once, than use a spoon to separate it’ll take like a minute max

  • N

    we are in the last days![Matthew 24:3-14] "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" [Matthew 4:17] "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" [John 3:16] Know that God desires "all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth" [I Timothy 2:4] To my brothers and sisters in Christ, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" [Mark 16:15]

  • Glace Universe
    Glace Universe

    First time to comment on her video and this is her third video i watched and i really like her relationship with her mom. 😶

  • Grace Divine
    Grace Divine

    i love how when emma is deciding whether she likes something (food) shell take like six more bites lmfaooooo

  • Carolina Valdivia
    Carolina Valdivia

    I literally got up and walked away to grab my water. And EMMA LEGIT PAUSED AND WAITED FOR ME TO COME BACK. I was so confused but when I rewinded it was just her cute cat smelling the camera. 😅😅

  • Carolina Valdivia
    Carolina Valdivia

    Did anyone else get Emma’s Pacsun Ad AS A REGULAR AD?! Like YASSSS QUEEEEEEN.

  • Adelita Jacho Oneinh
    Adelita Jacho Oneinh

    Mommy chamberlain is everything I love your bond together it’s the sweetest

  • Olivia Moon
    Olivia Moon

    “Is it nerdy? Be honest?” *look of dread* 🤣

  • Liene Holtof
    Liene Holtof

    are we getting a house tour tho?

  • Reva Naik
    Reva Naik

    Favourite UZloadr check ..

  • Sanvi Karthik
    Sanvi Karthik

    Who's going to tell her that truffles is a type of mushroom

  • Dexxk


  • Marissa Xx
    Marissa Xx

    she makes being vegetarian sound fun. like she actually makes me consider going vegetarian sometimes bc she always makes stuff that looks good and tries new things from the store and she likes it so it makes me want to sometimes like okayy thanks emma ❤️

  • Denise Hammons
    Denise Hammons

    The four frail turkish clasically warm because pants macropharmacologically scare since a faded hydrogen. substantial, alcoholic quill

  • Ivanna Calle
    Ivanna Calle

    I love your mother. Please do more videos with her!

  • Pamela P. Rojas10
    Pamela P. Rojas10

    The lively field pertinently beg because net methodologically deceive since a smoggy quartz. natural, wakeful rainstorm

  • Rose Fit
    Rose Fit

    You are awesome, love your personality lol ❤️

  • Misaki Schoeppey
    Misaki Schoeppey

    Hack for hard boiled eggs: after you boil them put them in a Tupperware container, and shake! The shells come off so easily

  • Bella Harrell
    Bella Harrell

    WHERE IS YOUr JEWELRY FROMMM and the caseee

  • Heather W
    Heather W

    Gemini here ✔️

  • Deeba A
    Deeba A

    Put the eggs in bowl of iced water after cooking for a cool-down. They’ll peal easier

  • Kay T
    Kay T

    Her mom is adorable

  • missolivia •
    missolivia •

    I’d be mixing with my damn fingy 💀😂

  • sofia chavez
    sofia chavez

    i wonder if it was the pacsun shoot

  • Alicia Salas
    Alicia Salas

    We ALLL lyt Emma

  • Carolina Bogdan
    Carolina Bogdan

    I'm look foured to be like you you are every thing

  • Marissa Sanchez
    Marissa Sanchez

    Where is your expresso Machine from ?😭

  • Carla K.
    Carla K.

    I recently started following u cuz I like the way you think about lots of stuff, then you said you are a Gemini and me too so now I get why I like you sm lol

  • Amanda 225
    Amanda 225

    Emma you should try a knife sharpener

  • eleanor evans
    eleanor evans

    I feel like you are the perfect resemblance of *if*Phoebe Buffay & Chandler Bing's had a love child. - prove me wrong xoxo

  • Grace Ward
    Grace Ward

    Your kinda the reason I’m alive and I’m not mad about it 🥲😏

  • Bree Àrnołd
    Bree Àrnołd

    Emma: *talking about how good almonds are* Me: * cries in peanut allergies*

    • Bree Àrnołd
      Bree Àrnołd

      @Sherlyn Romero my anxiety could NEVER

    • Sherlyn Romero
      Sherlyn Romero

      I still eat almonds even tho I have a peanut allergy 😭

  • Soetkin

    Your mom is precious 🥺

  • Solange Marti
    Solange Marti

    why do i feel so productive when i watch her

  • Eryn Almond
    Eryn Almond

    Emma do be the only Gemini I like

  • Matilde Jorgensen
    Matilde Jorgensen

    Hi Emma! to prevent the eggshells from being difficult to remove, you can put vinegar and salt in the water

    • alysa tran
      alysa tran

      ooh i commented something similar but salt alone works well!

  • mrs. meleannie
    mrs. meleannie

    Same I’ve been so alone lately my husband is in the military and he’s been gone for 3 months we still have 5 to go and it’s my fault because I don’t wanna hang out with anyone but then I get pissed for being so lonely lol. I feel you

  • mrs. meleannie
    mrs. meleannie

    Then you wonder why your stomach hurts when you literally tried everything in one LMAOO BOO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF AND

  • Ronnie Errington
    Ronnie Errington

    Egg trick- to get the boiled egg out of its shell i usually get a little spoon, tap the shell all over so its crumbly but not broken yet and then i peel one or a few of those little pieces off until i can fit the little spoon so that it goes under the shell and then i scoop the egg out whilst holding the shell casing, hope this is helpful usually takes me about a minute

    • alysa tran
      alysa tran

      put a pinch/ 1tsp of salt in the boiling water

  • Kira McHale
    Kira McHale

    10:00 everything you're describing is exactly how i feel!!!

  • Isabel Mcgeney
    Isabel Mcgeney

    when the alarm went off i literally got like ptsd

  • Angela Nugent
    Angela Nugent

    Emma... please try taking the shells off in cold water. Thanks and have a good day

  • Alessandra Martinez
    Alessandra Martinez

    Emma and her mom make me smile so much omg

  • Dulce Perea
    Dulce Perea

    Su comida tiene hongos por que utiliza la misma cuchara para todo :S

  • Regina Espiritu
    Regina Espiritu

    okmsdfhjksdagf ure a gemiNIIIIIIII

  • Taylor Priest
    Taylor Priest

    Emma, If you put baking soda or vinegar in the water while your eggs are boiling. The shell will pop right off.

  • Julia Hoffman-Douglas
    Julia Hoffman-Douglas

    where is that emma bubble necklace from im dying i need it so bad

  • Peri Osmanova
    Peri Osmanova

    Please buy a longboard

  • Farida salah
    Farida salah

    ain't nobody gon talk about how good she is at playing drums

  • Delley

    Emma now: Tell me the reasons why I shouldn't move to NY Emma two months later: *Thumbnail* YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST DID, I MOVED TO NYC

  • Okey Kat
    Okey Kat

    Emma needs to listen to Kanye west - life of Pablo album you’ll feel better after being alone

  • Gwen Covey
    Gwen Covey

    "OMG MOMMIES HERE...not in the mood for that" *closes door*

  • Peter Roberts
    Peter Roberts

    She does the same shit in every video and yet I still find it so interesting and watch every single video 😂😁

  • Torin Malott
    Torin Malott

    You remind me soooooooo much of miley cirus!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Fragoso
    Sam Fragoso

    24:25 I can hear the spiderman memes

  • Kaden Udal
    Kaden Udal

    Emma crack your eggs under cold water the shells will come off

  • choco

    I love how emma is more realistic and relatable than other youtubers/vloggers

  • wassim juju
    wassim juju

    emma move the drum set you're facing the wall while playing it's not that motivating, also you're not fake, we all act different around different ppl, and I won't tell u I hate u unless I'm never seeing you again because that'll create unnecessary drama, so chill

    • wassim juju
      wassim juju

      if u love cooking watch foodwars or gordon ramsay it'll definitely give u motivation and it's an amazing way to learn , try Arab food since u like hummus I know you'll love it , we love u emma, thanks for being you

  • Mia Cheung
    Mia Cheung

  • Kaia Baker
    Kaia Baker

    Gurl you should just keep vlogging because it’s quite fun to watch lol

  • Whitney Knight
    Whitney Knight

    EMMA - plz just get the Trader Joe's boiled eggs! 🙏🥚 Life changing!

  • Mitz Lodge
    Mitz Lodge

    you shoul travel to japan or south korea

  • Baraa Presley
    Baraa Presley

    If you peel the hard boiled egg under a tap it will slide right off

  • Lainey Altomare
    Lainey Altomare

    Wait you call you dog that not playing my mom calls my 15 year old brother that and my dogs name is popop

  • Gwen Pasco
    Gwen Pasco

    the way I literally just cried bc of how emma looked at her mom :(((((( the love and happiness in her eyes are so overwhelming

  • Rey Mark Broñola Rivera
    Rey Mark Broñola Rivera

    can you please get along with The Dolan Twins.

    • alysa tran
      alysa tran

      no one said she was in any conflict with them

  • Hannah Sparklezzz
    Hannah Sparklezzz

    i know that this is late but I just have to say... is it bussin' Emma? is it bussin'?

  • Grace Walker
    Grace Walker


  • Grace Walker
    Grace Walker

    shes my best friend

  • Teltell

    Emma and her mother is the freaking cutest thing I ever seen 🥺

  • Riley Bryant
    Riley Bryant

    I relate so much omg.

  • Hannah West
    Hannah West

    My safety net fr

  • Brittany Lonsdale
    Brittany Lonsdale

    Aren't you on the Taurus Gemini cusp?

  • Pineapplesauce Productions!
    Pineapplesauce Productions!

    “ So I’ll be mixing with my damn fingy and I don’t wanna do that “ just sent me 😂😂

  • erandii xo
    erandii xo

    Emma Spin your Almond Butter on it’s side on the floor before you open it & it will mix !!!!

  • Dani Honey
    Dani Honey

    The thrift hauls give me life !

  • Dani Honey
    Dani Honey

    ILLLLYYY😘 bit I miss the blonde 😍😂😭

  • Dulce Maberson
    Dulce Maberson

    I love the part with her mom❤

  • Sadie Vee
    Sadie Vee

    Emma’s mom is so cute

  • gamanika reddy
    gamanika reddy

    Vlogmas in March? QUEEN SHIT!!!!!

  • Jin Intoniq
    Jin Intoniq

    i literally love the emma and her mom bit it was so cute AND THE WAY SHE WAS CARRYING THE DOG THE WHOLE TIME MY HEARTTT

  • Jin Intoniq
    Jin Intoniq


  • Hannah Schmidt
    Hannah Schmidt

    You‘re mommy is the sweetest person I’ve ever seen in my whole life😍🥰 my heart just melts everytime she starts to talk

  • z. mir
    z. mir

    emma's mum is so sweet

  • death gal
    death gal

    Emma and her mom are iconic together

  • chevyjely

    personally, i hate being gemini, but yeah diS iS mEh

  • Shailin Diaz
    Shailin Diaz

    They can't call it almond mild because dairy farmers sued companies that were naming non dairy products milk and that's on my vet teacher over explaining

  • Suziii 03
    Suziii 03

    Literally nobody: Emma: eating all of her grocery food

  • C P.
    C P.


  • scout oranzo-root
    scout oranzo-root

    where did she get her mommy necklace?? I've been looking for a necklace like that for so long