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  • Tatiana Gaudin
    Tatiana Gaudin

    gm!!!!!!!!! :,)

  • I


  • Greener Lifestyle
    Greener Lifestyle

    I’m gonna decode the 6.

  • Farid Memi
    Farid Memi

    Does Emma has a twin at 8:27?

  • Sheikh Huzaifa
    Sheikh Huzaifa

    You have a twin sister

  • Douglas Volinsky
    Douglas Volinsky

    is #2 your #1 move

  • 근영순항

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  • Greener Lifestyle
    Greener Lifestyle

    Poppin. 💎

  • soph!a

    " a little SNACKY WACKY"

  • Anna Entabian
    Anna Entabian

    She has a twin?

  • Manuel Duran
    Manuel Duran

    Now why tf is their to Emma’s in the video WHATDBSH!?!?!?!?

  • Alisha

    8:29 I see two Emma’s lmao

  • Douglas Volinsky
    Douglas Volinsky

    8:18 was the 2nd one a front 1

  • Piixie Hollows
    Piixie Hollows

    8:27 back window

  • Valeria Hernandez
    Valeria Hernandez

    reads the title: no emma, YOU KEEP ME LIVING

  • Luana Vitória Vaz de Oliveira
    Luana Vitória Vaz de Oliveira

    lorelei lee taught me that jewelry is never too much. so keep going

  • Ananya Srivastava
    Ananya Srivastava

    I love all the harries and directioners in the comments!! Thanks.... Bye

  • Emma Everything
    Emma Everything

    Why go to therapy when you can just watch Emma


    Don’t even expect myself to enjoy her content this much lmaoo 😂

  • Harper Elder
    Harper Elder

    Key word... ✨genuinely✨

  • Joey Selner
    Joey Selner

    Good catch

  • Laloma Oma
    Laloma Oma

    Hello Emma I didn't like you coz ur not good looking in my eyes but I love it charm voice

  • NZGrayMusic


  • Moss Evelyn Wise
    Moss Evelyn Wise

    8:10 also Emma 8:15

  • Yuven

    Same with these nails

  • Usama rafieck
    Usama rafieck

    Make me some tea.

  • Mackenzie Lewis
    Mackenzie Lewis

    Did anyone else see in the back window at 8:28 another Emma in the back window getting gas when she said "At the gas station"?

  • Ava Perez
    Ava Perez

    8:28 does she have a twin look at her back window and who is putting in gas in the car wyf

    • Ava Perez
      Ava Perez


  • Deya Tom
    Deya Tom

    8:28 who is putting the gas in the car..OMG

  • Hana Nagashima
    Hana Nagashima

    two emmas at 8:28

  • Georgia Parker Adams
    Georgia Parker Adams

    Who tf was that in the background filling up gas. Emma was In the window talking to the camera who was the person in the back?

  • Valiumhotel

    7:38 since i was a kid.. said 19 year old kid

  • Allie Alpers
    Allie Alpers


  • did I ask
    did I ask

    The title of the video UR NOT BORING

  • Shahla Shamipour
    Shahla Shamipour


  • leonita krasniqi
    leonita krasniqi

    8:27 omg did you guys see the girl in the back


    i really love emma because she's o confident and she doesn't care about other's people opinion

  • Shane I'll go home
    Shane I'll go home

    How old is emma

  • Rainbow Sim
    Rainbow Sim

    8:27 who is in her back window???

  • Allysa Z
    Allysa Z

    Anyone else notice that at 8:28 there was LITERALLY A PERSON THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE EMMA BEHIND HER 🤔

  • Rachel Mortimer
    Rachel Mortimer

    The fact that the TRY GUYS have been doing "Without a Recipe" videos for two years and even have a show on the cooking channel surrounding this concept; and only NOW people are coming up with the idea like it's theirs. LOL No hate. Just something to think about.

  • Una Stanković
    Una Stanković

    please never stop making these they make me so happy

  • Una Stanković
    Una Stanković

    i absolutely adore emmas boring vlogs

  • Hind nasser Alhebabi
    Hind nasser Alhebabi

    Guys who else saw the girl in the back window at 8:27

  • Thirsty As hell
    Thirsty As hell

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  • TheReal Rehannah
    TheReal Rehannah

    If “eye ball it” was an actual person 😂❤️

  • Lydia Pastorelli
    Lydia Pastorelli

    8:27 was such a good editing omgg

  • Lydia Pastorelli
    Lydia Pastorelli

    8:27 was a very good transition 😁😁

  • Brooke Gameing squad
    Brooke Gameing squad

    Omg guys she was a twin put the video at 8.28 at the gas station and look in the back pause the video

  • Soha soha
    Soha soha

    They are even wearing the same thing

  • Soha soha
    Soha soha

    Is Emma's twin

  • Soha soha
    Soha soha

    Look at the back of the seat

  • Soha soha
    Soha soha


  • Vitória Costa
    Vitória Costa

    8:28 and the two emmas

  • Ella Kelly
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  • lovely rosa
    lovely rosa

    "i don't see any cloud in the sky" the sky: ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️

  • kimone georgeaú
    kimone georgeaú

    where do you get rings????

  • Bcbedoll


  • Anuja Abhyankar_6
    Anuja Abhyankar_6

    1. Going too much on the accessories 2. Nails done make you feel pretty and badass omg YES.

  • Anuja Abhyankar_6
    Anuja Abhyankar_6

    Love the way she smiles while playing the drums ✨❤️ Also she looked like a cool mom while she was cooking with her hair in a bun and her sunglasses on her head lol

  • Aurora Hiii
    Aurora Hiii

    If y’all stop at 8:28 u will see. Her twice one putting gas and one talking to us does she got a twin????

  • Heba Magdi
    Heba Magdi

    13:03 Am I the only one who noticed that all of the lemon juice she squeezed didn't even get in the mug lmao

  • Anaïs Djerroud
    Anaïs Djerroud

    no one: Emma cooking with white T-shirt😭😭

  • Mariano

    Is A Hole

  • Julia O'Brien
    Julia O'Brien

    8:28 🤯🤯🤯 wHaT iS hApPeNiNg

  • Jane Diaz
    Jane Diaz

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  • brooke griffin vlogs
    brooke griffin vlogs

    no one: Emma: * 3 minute conversation about poop*

  • Salma

    8:28 can someone explain to me what is next to her is this her twin I don’t mmm... that’s scary!

  • Ruchi Bhatt
    Ruchi Bhatt

    8:27 there are two Emma wait what

  • K J
    K J

    8:27 ? Who's that in the back 👀

  • lolobuetiy

    8:27 wait a damn minute who's that gril who is exactly like Emma is she her twin🧐

  • Christmas my stupid cat
    Christmas my stupid cat

    Does she understand she gives therapy

  • Ariella Barron!
    Ariella Barron!

    She has a twin

  • Muffinelly 09
    Muffinelly 09

    8:28 who is that other person it looks like a twin of hers even I know she doesn’t have one

  • Liyema Mente
    Liyema Mente

    she’s a queen

  • Olivia hensler
    Olivia hensler

    Omg do she a girl like her in the window 8:27

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat

    Emma is underrated

  • F-Aim

    I don't get it. 10 million people sub to this. I'm also out of my mind mental I I should do this

  • Melanie Graber
    Melanie Graber

    Count how many times Emma says poop in this video

  • Margaret Duffy
    Margaret Duffy

    2:27 there is a second Emma through the back window

    • person unknown
      person unknown

      Have you ever heard of something called Reflection

  • Lujaine Musleh
    Lujaine Musleh

    emma ur channel has become a cooking show

  • Noah Miguelシ
    Noah Miguelシ

    she is boring and its incredibly entertaining

  • Oh Kapri
    Oh Kapri

    I am LIVING for the laugh at the end hahaha

  • Lucy and Jumper
    Lucy and Jumper

    You could be one of the best radio hosts for starters!!$!! Your voice ROCKS@!!!

  • Sanai Wynn
    Sanai Wynn

    8:28 does she have a twin we don’t know about look at the window in the back

  • Hailey Rose
    Hailey Rose

    At 8:28 there is 2 Emma’s what?!??

  • ControllerPlayer !
    ControllerPlayer !

    She has a twin look in the back window at the gas station

  • Lola Vetalia
    Lola Vetalia

    8:39 are we just gonna ignore that Filling a gas appears to be a twin.

  • Hailie B
    Hailie B

    8:28 WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!! in the beck window

  • Becca Patches
    Becca Patches

    To the people saying that Emma has a twin doing her gas: it's literally her doing her own's called editing

  • Burçak Elifoğlu
    Burçak Elifoğlu

    if the second emma around 8:28 is not an easter egg i don't know what is

  • Alesia Castaniero
    Alesia Castaniero


  • Elaina Lane
    Elaina Lane

    U have a secret twin look in the back window 8:28

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    Drinking iced coffee & watching this ☕️

  • Anna Howard
    Anna Howard

    we... we're the surfer boy that you bought them raggedy ass pants for 🥺

  • annabelle

    8:28 in the back window... her secret twin??? someone is putting the pump in her car and that person looks similar to emma...

  • Pizza Roll
    Pizza Roll

    I’m so triggered everytime you play a alarm 😂

  • Jess Dyer
    Jess Dyer

    Go to 10:22 on the video and trust me in the background of it in the car window is a nothing Emma???!!! Does she have a twin???!!!

  • Eddy Wang
    Eddy Wang

    The voiceless geranium electronically inject because kenneth ultrasonographically cycle amongst a spectacular wrist. physical, bored dry

  • Pushpa Singh
    Pushpa Singh