thank you louis vuitton and youtube for virtually inviting me to the show. can't wait until i can go irl again. love y'all.
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  • Briana

    And on ur leg

  • Briana

    I had no idea you had a neck tat

  • Jaycee Hay
    Jaycee Hay

    ok did she buy a house or is she in an apartment

  • Alana Labrecque
    Alana Labrecque

    okay but where are the black and red sweats from😭

  • Clari Mendez
    Clari Mendez

    can someone explain to me how is she a vegetarian but wears leather? 🙃

  • Makenna Brown
    Makenna Brown

    does anyone just binge her videos? hahah

  • n

    emma: wow what a beautiful morning (relaxing bgm plays) *BURPS*

  • Raphael Fernandes
    Raphael Fernandes

    I feel like Im emmas bestie friend when I watch her videos. I love that!

  • Kiran Bolla
    Kiran Bolla

    The most beautiful woman in the world.

  • Daad Alrawashdeh
    Daad Alrawashdeh


  • Paula


  • feral killer
    feral killer

    im so jealous of her

  • cj doucette
    cj doucette

    i love emma sm oh my god

  • Shuetyee L.
    Shuetyee L.

    5:03 Taking a moment to appreciate how BOMB that coffee looks like it literally deserves its own Instagram account with millions of followers

  • Rewa Upadhyay
    Rewa Upadhyay

    I guessed morning and i was correct woohoo😁

  • Evianna Crazy girl
    Evianna Crazy girl

    I love you!

  • Aaron Painter
    Aaron Painter

    Just saw you in your pacSun commercial

  • Grace Burnes
    Grace Burnes

    5:07 ur cat hungry then got sad when u close door so he can’t reach fOod poor cat 🙃☹️🙃🙃☹️🙃☹️☹️☹️ honestly idk I never know lol

  • iconicshortclips

    Did she get to keep those clothes or it’s just a borrow thing ??

  • CD Studs
    CD Studs

    5:00 cat do be doing Emma good 😌

  • maria lena
    maria lena

    The stimulating snowflake genotypically tempt because backbone pharmacokinetically judge along a repulsive plant. knowing, uncovered comfort

  • Belén Arancivia
    Belén Arancivia

    Girl i feel u. I could literally feel your period cramps through the screen 😭😭

  • grace sullivan
    grace sullivan

    i'm confused, 7:02 does emma have a tattoo ?

  • Bobochacha Ho
    Bobochacha Ho

    Is that a doggie bag! That’s really cheapskate! Rushing Olivia to take pictures of you with a few pieces from the box of macarons.

  • MissUtah2021

    "Paris" "Louis Vuitton" "Traveling" RICH. GIRL. SHIT.

  • Keir Karaline
    Keir Karaline

    I thought she was gonna say "My favorite thing about having my channel is pissing people off" lmao

  • Elicia Scott
    Elicia Scott

    Has anyone else noticed the "ghost cat" running past the left side of the frame at 9:07?

  • camila medrano
    camila medrano

    9:07 in the bottom left

  • Julie Dahl
    Julie Dahl

    wait could they se you?

  • lina duček
    lina duček

    “wow, what a beautiful morning today” *aggressively burps*

  • audrey nell
    audrey nell

    who else puts their forehead to he screen when she gives forehand kisses ✋🏻

  • Agnė Roveršteinaitė
    Agnė Roveršteinaitė

    Anybody could help to find the name of the song at 12:12?

  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue

    Every year Emma goes to Paris fashion week THATS what I wish for

  • lily wood
    lily wood

    anyone else notice emmas tattoos

  • Sam’s World
    Sam’s World

    literally at like 9:04 there is either a pice of fluff or it is a ghost because it looks like a dog, like emma omg check you footage of this because it looks like a ghost or it could be fluff

    • crain

      It’s a dust bunny

  • amanda adelia
    amanda adelia

    my mood swing hit me hard today, and decided to spend today in bed random binge watching your old videos, would describe this experience as an 11/10. would definitely recommend.

  • Paulena Krauß
    Paulena Krauß

    Emma you put this Video in the Food Playlist 🤠💚

  • Ceren Deniz
    Ceren Deniz

    emma making coffee literally forces me to make one too

  • Cassandra Colors
    Cassandra Colors

    I love this video ❤️

  • Miranda M
    Miranda M

    Did anyone else see the ghost animal run across the bottom left at 9:07??? Just me??

  • Stella. V-7
    Stella. V-7

    Ur skin looks beautiful here!! Was it acutane that helped or...? Lotta love from Dubai Em!! xx

  • Maria Langgård
    Maria Langgård

    9:05 is it me or do i see a ghost cat?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • bby girl
    bby girl

    does anyone know what lipgloss she's using??

  • Jane Tuss
    Jane Tuss

    drinking ice cold things while on your period is gonna make the cramps 1000000x worse. i'm wincing just watching it. you have to apply heat. heat pad around the waist and stomach. boil some ginger in water and drink it.

  • Катя Толстикова
    Катя Толстикова

    7:02 is it a tattoo?

  • Donovan Dominguez
    Donovan Dominguez

    Emma: normally there will give me tApAtiO to put on top Is tapatio

  • Cepheus CF
    Cepheus CF


  • Xio

    god i love her

  • Jasmin Stewart
    Jasmin Stewart

    I only saw Emma tattoo on the neck now

  • Malvika Jha
    Malvika Jha

    You are adorable Emma, I wish you would adopt me as your elder sis😅

  • A Linn Young
    A Linn Young

    Did no one see a moving thing behind emma the 2nd last outfrit OMG

  • Ashton Williams
    Ashton Williams

    Is that a neck tattoo

  • Fatima Al Karbi
    Fatima Al Karbi

    I really do like her outfits!

  • Itz _Artzy
    Itz _Artzy

    news: the Antarctic ice are melting *blah blah* Emma: *hold my cup filled with ice cubes*

  • Lexi Cringan
    Lexi Cringan

    Also your skin is amazing okay I love you sorry

  • Lexi Cringan
    Lexi Cringan

    Your hair color in this video is everything. Perfect. Immaculate. Amazing. I want it. Tell your stylist to do this color everytime with the shadow root because you’re killing it

  • Marisa Garde
    Marisa Garde

    my very mexican grandma keeps a mini tapitio and tabasco in her purse idk why i commented this just felt relevant

    • Jana Werner
      Jana Werner

      I love her hahahaha

  • Nicole Bogert
    Nicole Bogert

    really one of her best videos

  • Charlotte Thomas
    Charlotte Thomas


  • Jenna Brook
    Jenna Brook

    Emma makes clothes I think are so ugly look so cute on her 😭

  • Grace Mc
    Grace Mc

    Wait but .... I thought she was vegan why is she eating eggs?

  • lydia ruth
    lydia ruth

    you don’t get to keep the clothes they send? i would want them forever 🥺

  • tortelini

    Was O the only one that thought that shee like cracked a macaron for a second? just me ok....

  • averie

    that outfit tho🔥🔥

  • averie

    i have been watching ur vids all day and they make me so happy!

  • aly moore
    aly moore

    wait wen did she get tattoos

    • aly moore
      aly moore

      @Moumita Ray oooo haha I just watched that video now I know

    • Moumita Ray
      Moumita Ray

      They're fake lol

  • Isabel Peterson
    Isabel Peterson

    Jesus is our savior for Christ lord Christ Jesus is our savior Jesus lord savior Jesus

  • Cami L
    Cami L

    that Tito's tho

  • Isabelle Holway
    Isabelle Holway

    wait does she not get to keep the clothes ?

  • Delilah Ryan
    Delilah Ryan

    Is it just me or does Emma look like those models she is the most beautiful woman ever 😊

  • Courtney Soder
    Courtney Soder

    You should make a UZload video where you try to recreate the Paris iced coffee that you love so much

  • Fairuz Fairuz
    Fairuz Fairuz

    I'm confused?! Is influencer get invited to these thing? Why do Emma is the only youtube personal I know that get invited?

  • Ivan Sivov
    Ivan Sivov

    nooo. this is no good

  • willow coolican
    willow coolican

    okay her getting up at six and being tired sounds weird to me but like I get up at 5:15 every day

  • olivia ellison
    olivia ellison

    i’ve seen this video like 3 times and every time i cringe at her not doing her hair for the outfit

  • Lumeniaellina

    YES! BE A FASHION UZloadR!!!

  • kaito

    i just noticed the dripping clock in your backgroung at the begging, love a culture reference

  • Lou Tom
    Lou Tom

    I dunno why but I love it when Emma makes coffee. So satisfying to watch

  • Monaliza Escudero
    Monaliza Escudero

    yo did anyone see something pass by in the bottom left of emma 9:06

  • sya khrl
    sya khrl

    guys i have a question. if a brand send us their stuff like LV did to Emma, do we keep the stuff permanently or we have to return it back to them?

  • Nicole Loca
    Nicole Loca

    Why does she burp so much

  • Meghali Tyagi
    Meghali Tyagi

    Coffee elevates period cramps, if you want to then you can try skipping coffee on those days, might help, take care, ily 😚

  • Y

    Does Emma ever respond to comments?

  • Kaydi Vance
    Kaydi Vance

    “I usually use carmex in my eyebrows” WHAT DID SHE SAYYYYYY-

  • Eliany Monteiro
    Eliany Monteiro

    Girl use Carmen everyone’s gonna hate regardless so F them❤️❤️

  • thxt.litle.bxtch.

    ✨hAVe A gOoD dAy✨

  • Hannah

    The voice mail lmaoooo

  • Ridley Randolph
    Ridley Randolph


  • Joshua Soyemi
    Joshua Soyemi

    I dont even like fashion, but I still watched the whole video. Emma has superpowers.

  • three frogs
    three frogs

    im still a nine so i know its not about that, i just dont understand cats i guess

  • three frogs
    three frogs

    i cant get cats to come near me unfortunately, i see them in the street im like come here baby but they have none of it, it breaks my heart

  • God Seeker
    God Seeker

    Lol fake models

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova


  • zi.0n

    Every time I watch Emma I always feel like having coffee 😭

  • Noelani Sanchez
    Noelani Sanchez

    I debated on commenting this a month ago BUT I keep watching this video to make sure I’m not crazy... 9:07 in the vid am I the only that sees a translucent cat or ghost cat running across the floor????

  • Oriana zu Knyphausen
    Oriana zu Knyphausen

    One girl from my school was walking for LV!

  • Juliana Jackson
    Juliana Jackson


  • Tiute Tootoo
    Tiute Tootoo

    emma: Louis Vuitton sent me some clothes but i don’t wanna wear it right now! me: oooo dollar tree sent me a shirt!! LETS TRY IT ON!!!!!! i’m just kidding lol😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Zak Billing
    Zak Billing

    Idk guys I feel a neutral-coffee themed eye shadow palette coming👏

  • טלי מאיה גורדון
    טלי מאיה גורדון

    wait. is that a tattoo?