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  • Annasofia Würgler
    Annasofia Würgler

    10M 🥳

  • olivia jade demmarc
    olivia jade demmarc

    19:44 till 20:03 emma is literally me when i’m mad

  • Trinity Souriya
    Trinity Souriya

    Ur mom was right about ur nails

  • SamuelBee

    the iconic moment _the_ emma chamberlain hit 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

  • Aracelli Nievas
    Aracelli Nievas

    omg yesss every time i get my nails red people say they look like granny fingers

  • Rose Kwon
    Rose Kwon

    Does anyone know where she got her hoodie from i love it!!

  • Tiara Burn
    Tiara Burn

    OH MY GOD EMMA those birkenstock shoes brought back memories lol in middle school my friends and i all wore them and called them potato shoes! Do not step on the edge of the heel tho it fucking HURTS

  • Olivia Maedge
    Olivia Maedge

    the different camera angles when she poured her creamer into her coffee made my body think that she was pouring it on me

  • Kendra Dow
    Kendra Dow

    Where are the gold hoop earrings from?!

  • manahel abdul
    manahel abdul

    The eyebrow spasm killed meeeeeeeeeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Katie R.
    Katie R.

    You make me laugh so dang much!!!!!!!! Thank you

  • MariLay

    You are literally the only youtuber I can watch. You are hella funny. "Then you put the tea bag IN TO THE MUG"

  • Maddie Care
    Maddie Care

    Where do you get your hoodies from??

  • syl x
    syl x

    have people forgotten that hot coffee exsists lmao

  • esmeralda ponce
    esmeralda ponce

    anyone know where emma’s blue jeans she wears to target are from?

  • Wingedfawn

    Emma please get a shag mullet/ wear wolf cut it would look so nice on you

  • andy_tafara

    Why do people dislike i mean emma is sooo hilarious

  • Lea Neumann
    Lea Neumann


  • jupiter


  • A L E X X
    A L E X X

    i forget emma is 19

  • Aurora Brown
    Aurora Brown

    Get it emmaaaaaa

  • Sierra Sakrison
    Sierra Sakrison

    I love my birk clogs

  • Eva Koti
    Eva Koti

    ok but where is her blue suitcase from

  • Grace M
    Grace M

    Ashton Irwin who

  • Allie Adair
    Allie Adair

    I think I know why your hair is breaking and bad ... it’s because you use function of beauty on your hair. It’s so bad for your hair. You should try OLAPLEX Emma!

  • M K
    M K

    I laughed more in this video than I did this entire week, oh god 😂

  • Sara Lopes
    Sara Lopes

    I just now realized she doesn't drive stick, like is that common in the US? In Europe the majority of cars are manual I know... completely off topic 😂

  • Sheridan Green
    Sheridan Green

    My great grandma's nails are always done in that exact shape and color

  • Sarah Whild
    Sarah Whild

    Definitely Grandma’s Christmas nails hahahaha xx

  • brooke williams
    brooke williams


  • unephemeral

    Anyone know we’re her white puffer jacket is from?

  • Thewhitepanda

    Does anyone know where her red sweater is from? :0

  • Kamilalee Crespo
    Kamilalee Crespo

    can i have your closet

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Mariis World
    Mariis World

    elizabeth olsen vibesss ✨

  • Holly Priestley
    Holly Priestley

    me trying to think of someone who DID go blonde step by step: billie behind the scenes:

  • Khristy Cowing
    Khristy Cowing

    Lmao her mom is right about the nails

  • Khristy Cowing
    Khristy Cowing

    I look like a vegan 🔥☠️🤣🤘🏼

  • Asma Khan
    Asma Khan

    I freaking love you you are adorable

  • Maggie Sullivan
    Maggie Sullivan

    Can you please change your transition timer sound PLEASE I love your videos but that it my alarm clock on my phone and it is the worst feeling ever but I love literally everything else in the video

  • Fatboy 2004
    Fatboy 2004

    I totally loved this video, Emma was at her silliest!!! 🤣

  • Katelyn Reiland
    Katelyn Reiland

    I really do feel like we are besties

  • Reem Qureshi
    Reem Qureshi

    Like I don’t have a problem with Emma and she’s not hurting anyone but it is really physically irks me and bothers me that someone can have the whole world at your fingertips and be rich and have all the freedom and no responsibilities and be this boring and live this boring and bland and have such bad fashion taste

    • Reem Qureshi
      Reem Qureshi

      I was using voice text so there’s a lot of grammatical errors

  • baljeet

    she is one of the only youtubers that got rich and famous but doesn’t act like it if that makes sense

  • Sophie McDonald
    Sophie McDonald

    Every Brit watching this video rn when Emma said she discovered kettles:😑😂

  • Michaa Michaa
    Michaa Michaa

    I'm in your vibe

  • Ashley Mason
    Ashley Mason

    your nails remind me of my elementary school librarian, Mrs. Brown!!

  • It’s not me I swear
    It’s not me I swear

    EMMA the eye spasm LITERALLY HAPPENS to me TOO omg

  • leighvii

    im a big kid now, i use big kid bad words.. YEA im a big kid now 😭

  • Lindsay Hornsby
    Lindsay Hornsby

    are kettles just not a common household item outside of Canada?

  • Alaina Lastovica
    Alaina Lastovica

    Ellen Page vibes

  • Cianna Renfrow
    Cianna Renfrow

    i love how emma wonders if she's gonna be homesick for L.A when she's homesick for new york 25/8

  • Kaylee

    for some reason you look like you smell good

  • celestineee Angel
    celestineee Angel

    Y’all she hit 10 mil I’m so proud 🥲

  • Sam lé
    Sam lé

    the way i went blonde from my black hair 🤡i regret it

  • shilat tzubery
    shilat tzubery

    Emma you should sing more in videos

  • Dora the Hawt explorer
    Dora the Hawt explorer

    wait americans don’t use kettles...

  • Miranda Hurst
    Miranda Hurst

    Me a 27 year old watching Emma dress in shoes I wore when I was 13-15 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Naomi Batay
    Naomi Batay

    BAHAHAH she could've taken out the cap of the shampoo and poured it in lmao

  • SlupitaB

    Emma looks like a 47 year old , not all the time but she is giving me older lady vibes

  • Aly Flowers
    Aly Flowers

    this made me so happy, thank you for making me laugh emma!

  • baddie roblox gurl
    baddie roblox gurl

    bussin bussing

  • Sarah Norman
    Sarah Norman

    3:35 that really hit my soul.

  • Jaydah Thompson
    Jaydah Thompson

    Lowkey was crying my eyes out and thought maybe your videos would make me happy, they did

  • Kayleigh Nguyen
    Kayleigh Nguyen

    15:37 i shit u not, i feel asleep while watching her video and hearing that give me sm anxiety

  • Lily-rose Price
    Lily-rose Price

    drum breaks make everything better

  • Lihi Tal
    Lihi Tal

    Not emma telling me not to go blonde after I just did......................


    3:20 me: ...... well too late

  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson

    get some castor oil from home health for you hair it will change your lige

  • Tammy k
    Tammy k

    with emma listing the things that could happen like “i could get loney” i was waiting for “i could get murdered”

  • Sky

    love you emma

  • Camila Argüelles
    Camila Argüelles

    where r those jeans frommmm?

  • M Zaparaniuk
    M Zaparaniuk

    I love how she shows that, I am not the only person that doesnt look perfect after waking up lol.

  • Nele Van der borgt
    Nele Van der borgt

    Every single fk time when i am done watching emma’s vlog i am like i love that girl.

  • Emma Duquette
    Emma Duquette

    “this is me time”. i’m cackling

  • Yuh

    the fact that i understood what vegan outfit is lmao

  • Cemre A
    Cemre A

    wait... whats her middle name? e.f.c ?

  • Sophie

    20:00 me when i am doing my maths homework 😂

  • faith angelina
    faith angelina

    Emma’s drumming tantrum was the absolute peak of this video 👏👏👏

  • Eva Isabel Padilla
    Eva Isabel Padilla

    Sometimes I forget that she's still a teenager

  • Lizzie Ann
    Lizzie Ann

    Emma: “there gonna think it’s someone sophisticated showing up to eat for 1 and the my 19 year old ass is gonna show up” Also Emma: *literally a self made millionaire and celebrity at 19*

  • Kendall Moffett
    Kendall Moffett

    video idea: buy random ass clothes from thrift stores & make an outfit (fashion statement) out of it somehow

  • Natalie Harrison
    Natalie Harrison

    Ok I’m confused do Americans not always have a kettle in your homes? In the UK every home has one

  • phun. kn
    phun. kn

    Declan is so cute omg 😭😭

  • Caroline Lumsden
    Caroline Lumsden

    There is no reason why she’s so funny

  • Sejal Sharma
    Sejal Sharma

    Love emma Andddd i didn't know the jean lag

  • Elza Ciema
    Elza Ciema

    Emma ily but the fact that you were so hyped to make tea the normal way and not the American way made me sad

  • montym

    does anyone know what its called when Emma gets the frame of the clip to move around a lil, I'm trying to figure out in final cut lol thxx xxxx

  • aves94

    emmmma plsss try this popcorn with nutritional yeast: microwave 1 bag of lightly salted (or unsalted popcorn). in a bowl, microwave 1-2 tablespoons of butter (or butter alt, ur choice). Add a crushed garlic clove to the butter, mix well. Add a dash of Bragg's liquid aminos to the butter, then a generous dash of balsamic vinegar, mix well. Pour all over the popcorn and then add nutritional yeast to popcorn. So delicious and healthier than most snacks (the only bad part is the butter) but the liquid aminos and yeast give you your daily B vitamins its DAAAAAAAAANk ok bye love you Emma!

  • Melody Sudz
    Melody Sudz

    navy hoodie???😭

  • Gabrielle Cushenberry
    Gabrielle Cushenberry

    I love how naturally she does her sponsors , like other youtubers come up with a whole acting scene to sponsor 😭

  • Medina_Sanchez_Michelle_3.D

    God, she's such a gemini ❤️

  • Moon tiktok
    Moon tiktok

    Emma’s swearing counter 👇

  • Neliana Ribeiro
    Neliana Ribeiro

    I just.. love you

  • Christal Volel
    Christal Volel

    but where did she get those earrings from?!??!?!?!

  • Bam Taulepa
    Bam Taulepa

    she is my fashion icon no cap. her style is so good i think im bout to cry in my shorts and oversized tee. lmao

  • Robert Dilley
    Robert Dilley

    Clubbing or raves?

  • Robert-Alexander

    uniqlo hoodie?

  • Julian meza
    Julian meza

    3:43 babe, that’s brown..

  • Melanie Coenraad
    Melanie Coenraad

    as a european im still so shocked americans don’t know about kettles