sf emma is back. i missed her.
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  • Moon's Place
    Moon's Place

    the nostalgia and love in this video is so nice to listen to and see

  • Lili

    The shirt says we’ll go through until tomorrow morning

    • Lili

      Or we will party all night

  • Farah Mohamed
    Farah Mohamed


  • Hasabo Bashir
    Hasabo Bashir

    Good job

  • olivia sticks
    olivia sticks

    0:20 Say sike right now

  • k by
    k by

    i always like everything she buys how is this even real she is my TWIN with the best taste ever

  • k by
    k by

    emma i love yAAAAAAAAAA

  • Tim Bennik
    Tim Bennik

    Thats the matrix

  • Addison Dunfee
    Addison Dunfee

    When she said she felt like she was pregnant I was like umm how do you know what that Feels like!👩🏼🕵🏻

  • Swiftie For Life
    Swiftie For Life

    that shirt in another language says “we’ll go through until tomorrow morning.” it is a movie.

  • Sophia Roebling
    Sophia Roebling

    Im German and it says that they are going to party until the next day haha lol

  • emily

    The grandiose fine latterly prepare because ravioli recently slip around a used magic. six, yielding alphabet

  • ella o’toole
    ella o’toole

    emma's dad is a dilf

  • co Ricci
    co Ricci

    That German shirt says " We match through until tomorrow morning"

  • Sofiia Pavlovska
    Sofiia Pavlovska

    Happy 10 million

  • Sadachbia

    any germans here? lmaoo (:

  • alamin89ariful mejan
    alamin89ariful mejan

    The tenuous shirt additionaly love because aftermath cephalometrically compare afore a responsible halibut. political, terrific girl

  • Camila

    Finally someone who DOESN'T like LA .I Lived there for most of my childhood, now that I moved I know what cold weather is and what it's like not to sweat in February.

  • relaxx

    the German thing on the t-shirt means that they won't sleep until the next morning :)

  • taelita lice
    taelita lice

    the shirt said " we march through until tomorrow morning"

  • Olivia Szumloz
    Olivia Szumloz

    “I’M TRYING TO GET IN MY GRAINS” “I’m EATING QUINOA!” I laughed so hard at this🤣

  • Olivia Szumloz
    Olivia Szumloz

    I love how transparent and raw Emma is. She never seems to care about what others think of her and I love that🥰

  • Chara Spiro
    Chara Spiro

    Emma marathon hell yeah I love this girl so much

  • alamin89ariful mejan
    alamin89ariful mejan

    The faithful frown clinicopathologically interest because sail regionally sip down a stereotyped pond. cynical, crowded america

  • Latesha Presley
    Latesha Presley

    The glossy crown presumably strap because bolt chronically boast an a fortunate unit. labored, thick mist

  • Sylvie Walker
    Sylvie Walker

    i wanna just say what that shirst says

  • Juliette Colon
    Juliette Colon

    Emma, please move to NYC so we can be besties in real life okay thanks

  • Cassandra Colors
    Cassandra Colors


  • molly cordelia
    molly cordelia


  • Call me Rafa
    Call me Rafa

    Emma taking about chipotle me eating it

  • Elli Liz
    Elli Liz

    13:10 that scared me too, I literally flinched

    • Grapefruit Gaming
      Grapefruit Gaming

      That was my mom laughing they were taking a video of me doing a cartwheel and I fell

  • KLXL n
    KLXL n


  • SophieHoneyBee

    I have a fish on my phone charger, have a nice day.

  • K B
    K B

    the quinoa part 😂

  • ughh switchy
    ughh switchy


    • paige erickson
      paige erickson

      frr michigan is so cold omg

  • Michael FOster
    Michael FOster

    Yo emma is the funniest chick that I've never met. When she tried that first soup and said im probably going to give it to my dad. I almost fell over.

  • Katie Huff
    Katie Huff

    emma is literally lady bird at this point

  • Alexa Clark
    Alexa Clark

    according to google translate, the shirt says "we're going through until tomorrow morning"

  • Sara P
    Sara P

    Lol fun fact about quinoa - especially the black one... it has a thing called saponins (they irritate the intestinal lining and cause inflammation in your digestive tract, among other problems) and usually people don’t know about that, so they just cook it and call it a day. BUT it has to be washed properly (like 5x) it even makes this foam thing like a soap because that’s toxic for humans, everyone will react like that. Don’t ask how I know ::::::))))))

    • spliff

      All beans irritate the intestinal lining. Just eat meat

  • Mayar Potter
    Mayar Potter

    I feel u 😭😭me too mostly everything I eat either health or not hurt my stomach and I get sick from it uhhhhhhhhhh😭💔

  • Natalia Paczkowska
    Natalia Paczkowska

    I just found your channel and u r a lot like me lol I don’t know how this happened how could I miss this😭

  • hannahnothanna

    me as a german can read it all😏😏

  • Maria

    “ I don’t even know what genre of food I want”

  • Francheska Denise
    Francheska Denise

    Do a "How to pass your drive test" video !!!!

  • kayla smith
    kayla smith

    I just invision Emma living in Sleepy Hollow. She'd DEF be a Lorelai.

  • bum knuckle
    bum knuckle

    Find a legit drum teacher online. There's a lot of really good ones that offer zoom lessons. Then set aside time each day to practice. You'd be surprised at how much you'll improve in a relatively short amount of time, as long as you stick to it. And the more you see yourself improving, the more excited and addicted you'll can be a legit drummer if you just put in the time and effort, and it's not like exercise where you dread it...just the opposite actually.

  • •Wøłfïę Łövęr•
    •Wøłfïę Łövęr•

    A lot of things hurt my stomach too ;-; it saddens me 😂

  • Deep Fried Baked Beans
    Deep Fried Baked Beans

    quinoa: emma: keen-oo-wAH

  • Cami Bobamifeefifofami
    Cami Bobamifeefifofami

    Im just going to say it.... maybe its the back to back coffee's that are causing the stomach issues 👅✌

  • Jenna Elsaesser
    Jenna Elsaesser

    this video is the plot of ladybird

  • Zoe Onyewenjo
    Zoe Onyewenjo


  • Brandi Car
    Brandi Car

    am i the only onee that got scared b the ladys laugh and always laughed when emma got scared

  • Nicole Iriana
    Nicole Iriana

    Just discovered your existence, watched like 200 of your videos in a week and I'm a huge fan :) I'm an LA native and moved to SF a few years ago for 3 years and loved it but it felt good moving back to LA because it was home. So I think wherever home is feels nostalgic and close to you. ANYWAY, thanks for all your content and realness. Appreciate you!

  • Alegra Van Hove
    Alegra Van Hove

    The fact Emma is wearing a winter coat when she lives in Cali is everything 😂

  • Savanna Hendricks
    Savanna Hendricks

    Me wearing a sweatshirt in 20° weather

  • natalia burge
    natalia burge

    I'm in love with this whole blog, the energy and the backdrop is 100x better than LA, please go back to SF more.

  • Jenny Lucile
    Jenny Lucile

    I just want to hug her, she is so cute 🥰

  • Alicia Parks
    Alicia Parks

    Her skin looks amazing!👏👏

  • Anna Walsh
    Anna Walsh

    When I go to a vintage store and I think “who would buy this at that price?” Emma. Emma would. 😂

  • Ariana Lopes-Martinez
    Ariana Lopes-Martinez

    come to portland. be my friend.

  • Wabadoochi

    Ok but where can I get that red sweater it’s adorable ;(

  • bappo

    0:23 "YOOOOO" and her dad with the hand sign

  • Bella g
    Bella g

    lmao it’s 46 degrees and she wears a jacket and a hoodie, I love in Chicago, so when it finally hit 40s yesterday, I word a thin hoodie and pants lmao

  • Samantha Rychling
    Samantha Rychling

    I luv how ur cold when it is 46 degrees when i live in ct and it’s 18 degrees lol

  • Jackalyn Rose
    Jackalyn Rose

    It says : we’ll go through until tomorrow morning

  • Jackalyn Rose
    Jackalyn Rose

    🤣 50 degrees... girl I wanna hangout so BAD but if you came to Vermont in this time you’d die lol it’s negative degrees sometimes but we think it’s nice when it’s 35degrees here😍🙌♥️♥️♥️🤩🙏🏼😩😩😩😂😂🤣❤️❤️❤️👑👑

  • esmeralda ponce
    esmeralda ponce

    does anyone know where emma’s knit sweater she has on for about half the video is from?

    • Wabadoochi

      No but it’s so cute I want it

  • Wanda Padillo
    Wanda Padillo


  • itz_ olivia
    itz_ olivia

    The shirt is German for “we’ll go through until the morning” btw

  • Christina Voigt
    Christina Voigt

    The lettering on that one shirt says „we stay up till dawn“ but like in partymode🤪

  • claira

    when she said “i learnt how to play the beginning of a vampire weekend song” i was have become about 100x better and u were already amazing-

  • Celeste McCarthy
    Celeste McCarthy

    Emma's the best

  • Hillary Liang
    Hillary Liang

    Move to sf!!

  • LadoraFilms

    You seem happier at SF. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Emma should move away from LA? It may be a place of opportunities, but maybe for some people, it may not be a place where someone can be content in life, especially being under the spotlight. Idk, just a thought...

  • Lovisa Overside star stable
    Lovisa Overside star stable

    emma google translate the clown top if u want as its in german i think x if you want to know what it says :)

  • MissMarvelous

    Im always irritated when she insults her old self. I loved that girl. I mean it’s ok for you to change and grow and cringe at your old self, but I shouldn’t have to feel bad for missing the old you either.

  • natalie baffa
    natalie baffa

    the shirt says we go through until tomorrow morning........ just so people know ig

  • Liv Goodbody
    Liv Goodbody

    Anyone know where here blue turtle neck top that she layered under the jumper is from? Thanks :)

  • Bluer SP 100
    Bluer SP 100

    the shirt says:- We'll go through until tomorrow morning i did it in google translator

  • parris horne
    parris horne

    Her dad seems so cool

  • Rashmika Mohan
    Rashmika Mohan

    Anyone else here just binge watching Emmas videos cause they are emotionally unstable and feel like Emmas the only in freakin person on earth that understands them even though she doesnt even know they exist. Nope. No one. Only me. Ok.

  • julia isabelle
    julia isabelle

    The german T means we‘re partying til the next morning .. the graphic shows carnival costumes😂

  • The Hutches Channel
    The Hutches Channel

    Luv ya Emma ur sooo relatable

  • Adelaide Powter
    Adelaide Powter

    were going through till early morning idk thats kinda messed up its hard to translate german to english and im not that good at german anyways ur welome

  • Nate Lipman
    Nate Lipman

    I can relate so much to just saying you live in San Francisco because no one knows the name of the town close to it that you live in.

  • Libby Jaggi
    Libby Jaggi

    I LOVE your outfit in this video!!!!!!!!!

  • Liliana Walker
    Liliana Walker

    Miss these kind of videos

  • Josue Sandoval
    Josue Sandoval

    Me realizing this was posted on dec 6 ..

  • Josue Sandoval
    Josue Sandoval


  • Josue Sandoval
    Josue Sandoval

    Can i come visit you just to take a picture !!!!!!!!!!!! #meetandgreat

  • Amelia White
    Amelia White

    the coat

  • Shannon Osullivan
    Shannon Osullivan

    The shirt is in German and it says “We’ll go through until tomorrow morning” so you don’t have to worry about people taking offense to it :)

  • S Dv
    S Dv

    When your hometown is New York 👁👄👁

  • Noelle Grande
    Noelle Grande

    I am from Germany and the fact she holds up a shirt with a German speech was so unexpected

  • Sarah Burns
    Sarah Burns

    Emma 'suits' San Francisco

  • cantonn lily
    cantonn lily

    13:10 i’m dead 😭

  • nadz

    i searched up what that german shirt said and it sats we’ll go through until tomorrow morning . like what?😂


    Tbh Emma has been one of my favorites UZloadr’s because she’s always been herself and doesn’t change for content and shit like that.

  • lorna keenan
    lorna keenan

    Emma: explaining how she wants to move out of la Me: staring all the cars passing her out Emma u drive real slow

  • Makenzie Shaw
    Makenzie Shaw