im so lazy its really sad and disappointing
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  • Joanna Trajkovska
    Joanna Trajkovska


  • Kelly Diaz
    Kelly Diaz

    Not the car trying to get in 😂

  • the fijis
    the fijis

    this shit is gold

  • sofie skude kristensen
    sofie skude kristensen

    I feel like nothing is wrong with you, cause I've been on my period for 2 and a half months straight

  • Fatiha Kabir
    Fatiha Kabir

    5:48 i have long periods..i had my period like 40 days

  • Isabella Olson
    Isabella Olson

    Emma: So ummmm ya we are gonna fix my ugly clothes Also Emma: * Crops all of shirts*

  • Amciu Zawadzka
    Amciu Zawadzka

    This music when you didn't like that navy blue blouse.

  • Amciu Zawadzka
    Amciu Zawadzka

    * OMG, i didn' t shave my legs * Bi*ch, who cares, u know 😇✌️

  • Amciu Zawadzka
    Amciu Zawadzka

    The best part of the presentation, here they are dressed but generally everything, e.g. showing girls without makeup or comparing something. Yes, it shows itself from the worst possible perspective first and then from the best one. ✌️

  • Hadlee Wilson
    Hadlee Wilson

    Those shoes are so cute and i wear the same size !!!

  • Alyssa Torres
    Alyssa Torres

    "then had a menage a trois!" - KP

  • Amalie Heissel
    Amalie Heissel

    im gonna take your shoes😂

  • Bla Blub
    Bla Blub

    Can you make a online shop with your clothes they look great

  • Ibtissem Sadou
    Ibtissem Sadou

    It proper scared me when she burped

  • wasteyourtimewithme

    I bleed through my pants too

  • alyssa davies
    alyssa davies

    I always get uncomfy watching Emma’s vids bc she calls clothes that I think are cute “ugly” and I’m like “oh yeah ahahaha so ugly🤣😀”

  • Katie Moran
    Katie Moran

    Just me trying to figure out why Emma has a STACK of freezies in her freezer

  • Zi Ying Lee
    Zi Ying Lee

    when she just crops everything

  • Dora Parent-Delgadillo
    Dora Parent-Delgadillo

    I love the shoes tho !!!

  • Millie Keime
    Millie Keime

    Bruh I’m a 6 1/2 ahah send me thoseee 🤣🤣

  • mellanie ramos
    mellanie ramos

    "can you guys get a fucking job or something" this is why i love emma

  • Purnima Thakur
    Purnima Thakur

    oh my God... headache, i have a throbbing headache! cute outfits though!

  • Mark Parkey
    Mark Parkey

    arm sore crap

  • Izzy Bermudez
    Izzy Bermudez

    me watching this on a friday 😗✌🏼

  • Emma Galloway
    Emma Galloway

    Why is her closet bigger than my room lol

  • Gretchen Hayward
    Gretchen Hayward

    It was the cats Emma... :)

  • Walter Kyson
    Walter Kyson

    The spurious base allegedly drip because jaguar bodily rock minus a violet word. woozy, woebegone act

  • Peyton Copeland
    Peyton Copeland

    She’s sweet and funny still but seems different like maybe not as happy

  • Maddison Price
    Maddison Price


  • Tamuška Ondr
    Tamuška Ondr

    Emma can you send my the nike shoes?❤️ You don’t want them and I love them✨. Write me thanks❤️ LOVE you

  • x

    youre closet is bigger than my fk room- 💀

  • Sophia Cristine
    Sophia Cristine

    I think Ill try this

  • Carolina Schmutte
    Carolina Schmutte

    Whats the inappropriate line in the song?

  • Bharati Deshmukh
    Bharati Deshmukh

    7:42 is a vibe😂😂

  • Anjali Mishra
    Anjali Mishra

    And anything painted or touched by you is holy for me❤️😭🔥 please donate those shoes to me

  • Anjali Mishra
    Anjali Mishra

    Emma please give me those shoes because I can't afford to buy it😭

  • Merissa24

    Lol when you happen to be 6.5😂 also love you Emma

  • Sarah O’Neill
    Sarah O’Neill

    One day before her boyfriend and her got leaked on Hollywood fix

  • macey

    i’ve already gotten 2 of your pacson ads on this video

  • Shehwar Khan
    Shehwar Khan

    TGIF shirt was my fav

  • Megan Gamez
    Megan Gamez

    They are like really cool does anyone realize that she said that the RLE pants are Really cool

  • nextlevelrecords97

    emma:i wanna like know how to sew... me staring at the cat putting its paw under the door

  • Kristina Kulic
    Kristina Kulic

    i would so take the shoes but im size 9 in womens and im 12 :')

    • Caroline's DIY Corner
      Caroline's DIY Corner

      WHATTTT????????? i am 12 and wear a size 3 shoe are you normal or am i normal or is both not normal???

  • Naz Kop
    Naz Kop

    I love your clothes Emma but matching your clothes together to make a outfit you may wanna work on...

  • Destiny Rose
    Destiny Rose


  • Sarina Tumpati
    Sarina Tumpati

    9.99 mil 😳

  • Ceren Deniz
    Ceren Deniz

    im thinking emma’s cats stole the shirt and emma thinking its paranormal is hilarious

  • Rosalie Fenger Leenders
    Rosalie Fenger Leenders


    • Rosalie Fenger Leenders
      Rosalie Fenger Leenders

      , ,

  • kaylee russell
    kaylee russell

    OMG I AM 6.5 in women’s shoes! Is she still selling them??? I WANT!

  • Bailey Sunshine
    Bailey Sunshine

    This literally emma making all her clothes smaller

  • arie

    ill take the shoes

  • Kenzie Nicole
    Kenzie Nicole

    *grabs coffee* I’m ready;)

  • Jesse Heidgerken
    Jesse Heidgerken

    The black lycra traditionally charge because warm intrestingly change atop a talented deer. entertaining, yellow saturday

  • Namrata Mantri
    Namrata Mantri

    when Emma's closet is bigger than my whole house...

  • Jaee Ponde
    Jaee Ponde

    I'll take the shoes

  • KickinitwithJess

    Emma's blonde hair is making me wanna dye my hair again

  • Maleena Rose
    Maleena Rose

    Mommy is putting tGiF rN hUnNy!!!

  • Sam Trevor
    Sam Trevor

    You can actually put black paint or marker over the white fabric marker on the airforce 1s logo instead of throwing them out.

  • Alexis Jade
    Alexis Jade

    ive been on my period since november. its march.

  • bey nim
    bey nim

    your cats definitely dragged the shirt under the door and down the hall

  • Amy

    last friday night lyric - ménage à trois

  • Emily Roth
    Emily Roth

    Emma to cats "Can you guys get a f*cking job or something?"


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  • Anne Creative
    Anne Creative

    No one talking about the cat under the door 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Berenice Leyva
    Berenice Leyva


  • Kori Hanson
    Kori Hanson

    emma my cats pull my clothes under my door so its prob the cats

  • Reina Godoy
    Reina Godoy

    omg i lover !

  • rolasvsp


  • Maria Fath
    Maria Fath

    She cropps more stuff than I own :D

  • Tina Love
    Tina Love

    Lol I got an Emma Chamberlain ad from space in before the vid started lol. They probably did it on purpose!! Haha.. lol

    • Tina Love
      Tina Love

      OOP another one at 3:21

  • liss r.
    liss r.

    Her cats definitely dragged the yellow shirt under the door, i saw a lil paw sneak under lol

  • liss r.
    liss r.


  • Mrs van Heerden
    Mrs van Heerden

    I want those shoes!!

  • Stuti Singh
    Stuti Singh

    I feel like emma can style all of those clothes and make it cute but she's just lazy do it. And she crops them

  • Savannah Drier
    Savannah Drier

    i want the air forces

  • stella stewart
    stella stewart

    she could never look like she was hit by a bus😔

  • Addisonfan:3

    Emma teach me how you do your style

  • Mano Playz
    Mano Playz

    8:45 Its the ✨coffee addiction✨ for me

  • Susan Sopkie
    Susan Sopkie

    the cat trying to get it XD

  • playing with puppies
    playing with puppies

    how the outfits are cute

  • playing with puppies
    playing with puppies

    i remember

  • Barbara Washingtone
    Barbara Washingtone

    The ashamed beet bacteriologically work because road complementarily beg down a modern step-brother. bouncy, peaceful dedication

  • Zuzanna Arent
    Zuzanna Arent

    *4:34* someone wants to come in

  • A_N_CS _
    A_N_CS _

    Let the cat in 😭

  • Wafaa 2019
    Wafaa 2019

    Queen of croptops

  • Bianka Ortiz Collazo
    Bianka Ortiz Collazo

    your poses on the "before" are hirlarous lmaooooo

  • Angelina ISSA
    Angelina ISSA

    She's literally my favourite, and i'm not like those 13 year old girls fan girling over her her, likeee, she actually really good, however the sad part is she only posts 1 video a week, and I can't live with that, I need more of her videos, gimme some UZloadr suggestion that are like her.

  • C G
    C G

    conspiracy theory: emmas cats dragged the tgif shirt under the door

  • Noemie Niesing
    Noemie Niesing

    4:56 someone stands behind the door lmao

  • Neža

    I would fucking loveeeee this af1 pleaseeee❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aubrie Haas
    Aubrie Haas


  • Jesse Heidgerken
    Jesse Heidgerken

    The rural swim regionally transport because nerve particularly spot absent a wasteful lace. overt, mundane sandra

  • Faith Critchlow
    Faith Critchlow

    Let the kitties in!!

  • Nella P
    Nella P

    This is just ✨art✨

  • Christina Richards
    Christina Richards

    Oh to be 18 and cropping again

  • John Rex
    John Rex

    i have an emotional connection to this woman

  • periodt_

    Omg why does she have so many clothes

  • Joey Escalera-Hernandez
    Joey Escalera-Hernandez

    Ur closet is bigger than my room

  • Nathalie Lyngholm
    Nathalie Lyngholm

    im a year late but i want those shoes

  • Tiffany

    Emma's got me cropping my tanks right now