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  • Lesly Reynoso
    Lesly Reynoso

    New York is changing youuuu Emma!!!

  • beachyvibes sometimes
    beachyvibes sometimes

    the ad before ur video was literally you

  • maddie maddie
    maddie maddie


  • Gabi Goszczynska
    Gabi Goszczynska

    Dude - your tummy hurts from all the coffee. I know, it’s sad 😞

  • Emma Redders
    Emma Redders

    it’s cold !!!

  • Jazzy Fizzo Eatz
    Jazzy Fizzo Eatz

    Haha NYC gets pretty freakin cold girl. Not gonna lie if 30-45 is cold to you, you definitely are in for a treat when it’s below zero! Lol

  • tera jules
    tera jules

    you DID NOT SHOW NYC - YOUR SElf obsessive and a cellphone u cant turn off junky and a coffee ADDICT get HELP for Both

  • pida siouy
    pida siouy

    Emma: talks about her enjoying her time outside in New York Me: watching this and more indoors for many HOURS straight

  • ari ras
    ari ras

    meanwhile everyone living in nyc was psyched that the weather is finally warm lol

  • Cassidy Munda
    Cassidy Munda

    the fact that the ad playing before her video was an ad of HERSELF for pacsun is the biggest flex

  • Hailey Mace
    Hailey Mace

    Move to New York bestie. Make Olivia and Amanda do it too


    Okay since no one is saying or at least I haven’t seen comments yet. But.... the camera quality😍😍😍

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      about it. BBbuuuttt I just wanted to say u made me happy.

  • Jonjon Del
    Jonjon Del

    management would be difficult with living in new york i would imagine, but do whatever you want bc why spend time not doing what you want we are only here for a little while so just do what you want <3

  • good fellas
    good fellas

    Why evryone still watching her?? Shes turning into shit

  • Teddy Brown
    Teddy Brown

    This Ed Hardy crop top is selling out in 3.2.1💨

  • Cadence Kinsey
    Cadence Kinsey

    You had gone shopping remember the heating pad!

  • miu miu
    miu miu


  • malika

    you just have to trust the universe, she says

  • b4by


  • lulu 9
    lulu 9

    I didn't do a ton of research into it but a few articles i've seen have said that NY has mini crustaceans in the water, maybe they are exfoliating your face?

  • Kate Eliz
    Kate Eliz

    Hahahahahah 55 degrees most native NEw Yorkers wear shorts

  • •silent Witch•
    •silent Witch•

    So we are not gonna talk about how stunning she is?

  • LucyEleanor

    i don’t understand how this says it was one year ago it feels so much longer and then thank u next is two years old and that feels like yesterday pls explain time

  • Elizabeth Ganon
    Elizabeth Ganon

    you got la colombe!!!! ☺️☺️☺️

  • Roxy Schiffner
    Roxy Schiffner

    why is there so many dislikes omg

  • Sol K
    Sol K

    13:04 Emmeerkat!

  • Kate Slaney
    Kate Slaney

    i clicked this video as I was yawning, thanks for yawning with me <3

  • Lillian Rose
    Lillian Rose

    It’s called adaptation hehehehe

  • Eden Adamson
    Eden Adamson

    Isn’t that the tennis court and town where princess diaries is filmed. Just me who recognises it omg

  • jerry POTTH
    jerry POTTH

    Me: I want to change things. I do the same thing every day My friend:u want to do anything but sit in bed all day Also me: ✨no✨

  • maren lala
    maren lala

    Move to nyc Emma <3

  • Mariem Gharbi
    Mariem Gharbi

    bestie im afraid to tell you that function of beauty might be the reason your hair is *breaking off*

  • Lily Hoey
    Lily Hoey

    Where in Hawaii is this?

  • Pippi Styles
    Pippi Styles

    I want Emma to come to Australia to experience our coffee culture ☕️ 🥰

  • Erica Smith
    Erica Smith

    went to dunkin because of this video

  • Stef

    you SHOULD move to NY

  • Don't Die Sweetheart
    Don't Die Sweetheart

    Emma needs to move to New york

  • daunte

    i really think emma should take more vacations and stay off social media. she seems so much more happier when she's not dealing with toxic social media and the chaos in L.A.

  • Ivonne Aragon
    Ivonne Aragon

    Emma wish me a happy b-day?

  • Abril Rivas
    Abril Rivas

    Emma belongs in NYC and you can’t convince me otherwise.

  • Maddie Daddy
    Maddie Daddy

    How are her ads her too

  • Ethan Houser
    Ethan Houser

    Your stomach could also be hurting from the acid in the coffee?? That's a lot of acidity + dairy is highly acidic.

  • k k
    k k

    Emma is telling me to move to new york too. Emma if u want a roomate even tho im broke please ill come with you

  • Trending With Wogy
    Trending With Wogy

    Love u baby 😍

  • Taijae Davisrhone
    Taijae Davisrhone

    Every time I watch your videos I see ads with you in it

  • blah blah
    blah blah


  • Darynka Lezark
    Darynka Lezark

    So rude when she said that person was a robot

  • Oli Cavanna Daldin
    Oli Cavanna Daldin

    I truly believe you should live in ny and style your own apartment :)

  • Liv

    “Watch me get copyrighted cause I hit that note so well” lmao

  • jerry POTTH
    jerry POTTH

    Brooooo I was in the middle of the video and an add popped up and I'm like "DAMITTTTT JEFFERY!" And it was a ad of EMMMA..... EMMMMMMAAAA! bro I watched the entire ad

  • Shaniaa Sandrell
    Shaniaa Sandrell

    omgg i lovee you 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • tera jules
    tera jules

    you need Help

  • ThatFilipino Savage
    ThatFilipino Savage

    “Bagels in the Pizza”… Emma speak English pls

  • Leila Cure
    Leila Cure

    girl i live in ny and every times shes here im like WHY DONT I SEE HER TF

  • Maria florencia Varela jimenez
    Maria florencia Varela jimenez

    EMMA MOVE TO New York!!!!

  • Andrew Hazlett
    Andrew Hazlett

    She goes on walks outside with her mask on😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • VSCO ᘜIᖇᒪ
    VSCO ᘜIᖇᒪ

    This is on my recommended lmafo

  • nahslime

    Old Emma vibes♡ love you queen

  • Abby McLaughlin
    Abby McLaughlin

    where are emma's glasses from!!!!!!!!?????

  • Catalyn

    Emma STOP drinking cold beverages and then complaining about how bad your cramps are it’s not good for you to drink cold on your period

  • jerry POTTH
    jerry POTTH

    Bro just watching ur video makes ME want to live in nyc. I have had and extra large hoodie for NYU since I have in 1st grade and I've wanted to go to college there since I've heard about it. BBbuuuttt I just wanted to say u made me happy.

  • Steph Pham
    Steph Pham

    wait whats the reason why emma wont move to ny? i know she said its bc she has friends in la but is that the only reason?

  • Rachel Kat
    Rachel Kat

    Emma, if LA makes you unhappy... time to move. I really think you should take your happiness from this trip as a sign!!!!

  • tinybeautygirl1

    emma chamberlain ad on her video is queen shit

  • Mada마다

    Emma u need to move to nyc

  • Liz Syrotenko
    Liz Syrotenko

    Does anybody know which hotel she stayed at?

  • maddie goyvaerts
    maddie goyvaerts

    I love the New York Emma

  • lexie lutz
    lexie lutz

    about to get a “i’m moving to new york” video

  • greenartisticfiend

    emma isn’t going to age well if she looks 30 when she’s barely 20

  • Leslie Palma
    Leslie Palma

    Use black Jamaican castor oil 😁

  • Aj2226

    We are the luckiest 3 forehead kisses!!

  • Stephanie Stephens
    Stephanie Stephens

    i support scientist emma!!

  • Olivia Maedge
    Olivia Maedge

    the different camera angles when she poured her creamer into her coffee made my body think that she was pouring it on me

  • Alice Montoriol
    Alice Montoriol

    She has my dream body

  • Morgan Rose
    Morgan Rose


  • Kaycee Delacuesta
    Kaycee Delacuesta

    ok mr. noah beck wid a big fat neck

  • heather mcgill
    heather mcgill

    Yo every time i’m watching your video and there is a ad you’re always on the ad👁👄👁

  • Hala Shariff
    Hala Shariff

    The reason why the water in NY is different than water in LA is because of the Catskill Mountains, which have very little limestone rock, the city's water contains low levels of bitter-tasting calcium. New York City's water is unfiltered, making it the largest unfiltered water system in the country. California water is considered hard to very hard (127 PPM) and the state of New York's average water hardness is moderately hard at 62 PPM.

  • Lili

    The shirt says we’ll go through until tomorrow morning

    • Lili

      Or we will party all night